Publication Date

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Galley Proofs

Galley proofs are provided to the associated author and must be returned within 48 hours unless otherwise specified. Except for the repair of typographical errors,…

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General Text Style

Statistical Expression: Mean and standard deviation should be written as mean ± SD, whereas mean and standard error should be written as mean ± SE.…

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Letters to the Editor

Brief constructive comments about previously published articles and fascinating instances should be included in letters to the editor. Letters to the editor should be submitted…

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Review Articles

Articles for review may be requested or submitted. An integrated presentation of our current understanding of a topic should include previously published material. The reviews…

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Manuscript Preparation

Manuscripts should be submitted in the Microsoft Word 2003 or higher file format. Manuscripts should be formatted in A4 size, double-spaced, with 2.5 cm margins…

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Electronic Submission of Manuscript

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically through the online submission system. As soon as the paper is received by the editorial office, the authors will be…

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Page Charges

JETI will cover the costs of article publication, therefore there will be no publication fees for writers. A complimentary personal copy of the essay (in…

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