Accepted Manuscripts

Authors have the option of making their publications immediately available following acceptance. These “Accepted” submissions have been peer-reviewed and authorized for publishing, but they have not yet been proofread or formatted.

When authors choose to use JETI’s service, their papers are submitted to the JETI’s website as PDF files with an abstract and are immediately available to contribute to the research community. The official publication date is when the “Accepted” paper is posted, however the “Accepted “ document is not the final paper of record because the editing process may reveal defects that need to be fixed.

When submitting their work, authors should indicate whether they want their manuscript to be posted as a “Accepted” file. In the middle of the technical editing and formatting procedure, a shift in your decision is not possible.

A manuscript that has been “accepted” should be cited as an online journal article. Follow the instructions in the How to Format the References part of the Instructions for Authors section to reference a “Accepted” paper when writing for JETI.

Articles In Press

Accepted manuscript are copy edited and formatted articles that are not yet finalized and that will be corrected by the authors. Therefore, the text could change before final publication.

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